A NIGHT IN NASHVILLE – REVIEW (Jenn Bostic, Kyshona Armstrong, Sarah Darling)

Around 100 people filled the beautifully lit surroundings of the Green Note in Camden. The Green Note is an intimate and polite listening venue, not one person speaks whist the performance is in motion.


Playing one song each in an order of Sarah Darling, Jenn Bostic and Kyshona Armstrong the

Sarah Darling
Sarah Darling

night begins. I have always believed if you’re watching a performance and you get shivers across your neck and down your spine then you know you’re watching something special. The first of these moments came from Jenn Bostic’s performance of ‘Little Grace’, her warming gentle voice turns to a loud, powerful booming voice hitting notes, which anyone would be proud of, she wouldn’t have needed the microphone.


The other girls whilst waiting for their turn in the limelight sing backing vocals for one another, boosting the whole sound of each performance.


When Kyshona starts to sing it’s immediately clear that she has a completely different

vocal style and has the most soulful voice of the trio. Belting out a song made from deep inspiration she receives a massive applause from the crowd.


Sarah Darling’s voice is soft, innocent sounding and heartfelt. Beautiful.

Kyshona Armstrong
Kyshona Armstrong

It cannot have been easy following a booming, powerful voice such as Kyshona’s but she never let it faze her, reeling off sweet songs about love and stars, giving us an insight to the songs with background stories. Sarah’s songs are reminiscent of early Taylor swift songs, well written with a kind, pretty voice.


Jenn Bostic’s music is by far the most ‘pop’. By far the most likely to receive commercial attention in my opinion, fortunately she can match this with a great voice. She reminds me a lot of ‘Birdy’ from the UK. A sweet but powerful voice with excellent control.


When Kyshona begins her song ‘lonely’, swapping her guitar for the piano, it’s clear from the offset this is a song close to her heart, a song Alicia keys would be proud of. A song Alicia keys would have a top ten hit with. Very impressive.


The most moving moment of the night was Jenn’s rendition of ‘Jealous of the Angels’, a tribute to her late father.

Jenn Bostic
Jenn Bostic

Explaining the story behind the song gives everyone chills before the song has even began, and had many people in tears during and after the performance. Including herself. The recorded version of the song is beautiful but watching the song live was especially special, her dad would be proud.


You can’t fault any part of this performance, note for note perfect, friendly performers and beautiful venue.


With 5/5 ratings reserved for performances such as Queen at Live Aid or Oasis at Knebworth, we would rate this performance 4/5.


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